How To Travel More with a Full-time Job

I’ve become known at work for being the person who is always travelling. And the most common question that I always get asked is that how do I manage to travel so much, when I actually have a full time 9-5 job, that can sometimes also go beyond 5 pm.

I mean who doesn’t want to travel, watch beautiful sunsets while sipping their wine, swim in the blue waters, taste delicious food, get to know various cultures and of course take stunning pictures for their memories.

I agree that when you have a full time job it can seem difficult to be able to travel the world as much as you would like. I live in Canada and most of the companies here only give us 15 days of vacation which I know is not a lot, plus there is always some important work or project going on that makes it harder to take time off, but despite the fact it is possible to travel more and make the most of your vacation days. And we don’t have to quit our jobs to follow our passion for travelling. So let’s talk about few ways to travel more.

1. Book your annual leaves asap

Use your vacation days wisely. Travelling requires lot of planning, so plan your trips ahead of time and book your annual leaves way in advance. You don’t want your vacation days to clash with someone else. Me and Sid usually schedule some time in the beginning of the year and decide where all do we want to travel in the year and then we talk about what’s the best time for us to go there. Because we work in different fields, sometimes my busy season of work is his low season and vice-versa so we have to manage our days around it.

2.Plan your adventures around public holidays

Take advantage of your public holidays or bank holidays whatever you want to call them.

almost get 1 public holiday every month, which means it’s a free travel day. It may not seem like much, but think about it tagged along a weekend, it can be your 3-day trip or some companies do give half-day off before any long weekend, then you can make it a 4-day trip. Say for example if your public holiday is on a Monday, you can fly or drive to your destination on Friday evening and then come back Monday night or early morning on Tuesday and you will have your full 3-day vacation.

3. Check your company’s vacation policies

A very important thing for all people who are working corporate jobs and love to travel is to check their companies policies for accruals, leave and absences. Lets talk about the 2 most common ones.

(a) Overtime accruals – if your job requires to work overtime sometimes, then check if you can accrue and bank your hours instead of getting paid overtime. This is a huge plus, since anyways your are paying more taxes on your overtime pay, might as well benefit by taking it as a vacation day.

(b) Sabbatical leaves – Surprisingly many companies in a wide variety of industries offer employees sabbatical leave. If you haven’t heard of sabbatical leave before, it is a time period in which a person is not actively working but still remains employed with the company. Most of the companies give 3-6 months of sabbatical which a lot of time to travel.

4.Maximize your weekend breaks

Use those magical 48 hours of weekend. You don’t necessarily have to go to another country for travelling there are lot of destinations in your own country that you can explore. Don’t underestimate these weekend breaks, you can do a lot of adventures in these 2 days – for examples going for a hiking trip, camping, countryside cottage, or another city for a weekend trip, so squeeze the most out of your time.

5.Travel during non-peak seas

Travelling during low season is an amazing tip, you will save a lot of money because the flights, accommodations and activities are comparatively cheaper since its an off season.

Aside from that you also don’t have to deal with the touristy crowd at major attractions, and this way you get far more intimate exploration of the city.

I’m in absolute agreement with you that it can seem hard to find time and money to travel, but with a little planning you can definitely achieve your travel goals.

Hope to see you soon on the road!

Lots of love,