Best Lakes To Visit in Jasper National Park, Canada

Jasper without a doubt has become my favorite place in the Canadian Rockies. It is insanely mesmerizing with so much natural and untouched beauty, beautiful lakes, hiking trails and amazing wildlife.

Here are some of the gorgeous lakes that we visited during our trip.

1. Horseshoe Lake

Though crystal clear, Horseshoe Lake is one of the deepest lakes in Jasper.

It is only 25 minutes drive from Jasper town. You’ll need to park your car and hike for a few minutes before reaching the lake. The lake is a popular spot for cliff jumping, and has a small hiking trail with beautiful views.

2. Pyramid Lake

Pyramid Lake was the first lake we visited in Jasper, since its only 15 minutes drive from the Jasper town and has incredible views. The lake lies at the foot of Pyramid Mountain, a natural landmark that overlooks the town of Jasper and is a perfect picnic spot.

3. Patricia Lake

Patricia lake is located right next to pyramid lake. You can go hiking, rent a bike, canoe, go fishing (permit required) or simply relax and enjoy the scenery.

We did a small hike, enjoying the scenic views and clicked way too many photographs. Also keep an eye out for the wildlife; we spotted many elks on our way.

4. Maligne Lake

Maligne Lake is probably the most famous lake in Jasper and is also the second largest natural lake in the Canadian Rockies, surrounded by several towering mountains.

One of the most popular images of Canadian Rockies is the image of Spirit Island, in the middle Of Maligne Lake, which can only be accessed by boat.

5. Abraham Lake

Abraham Lake is located along the route between Lake Louise and Jasper National Park. The lake is beautiful all year round but is a popular winter attraction, for the stunning frozen methane bubbles.

Methane is released by the decaying plants in the lake, and when the lake freezes during winter the methane gas is captured by the freezing surface and form beautiful ice bubbles. Photographers from all around the world come to capture this spectacular frame.

Hope you enjoy visiting these lakes.